Aerial Filming

We fly the best drones available in the market. Our pilots have many years of experience in controlling multicopters – exploring the air is completely safe with us. Perfection of the KamKam Visuals operators ensures the best videos. Our team has worked at movie sets as well as music video and commercial shoots in Poland and abroad.

We create ultra-smooth video frames in 4K quality. The picture can be seen on the ground in real time owing to which the pilot and camera operator have full control over filming and framing.

The favourite set is the DJI’s s1000 octocopter with the Panasonic GH4 camera. For larger projects we recommend the option with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, RED Epic, Red Scarlet or Canon C300. We also recommend renting our newest toy: DJI’s new quadcopter – Inspire 1.

KamKam Visuals enables to see the world from a bird’s-eye view creating a unique and hypnotizing perspective. Shoots from the air are a perfect supplementation of an already great video. Facilitate our innovative approach to be sure that your company will stand out among others!

Check out our latest corporate film – Kronospan 25 years in Poland.

– for Kronospan Company – the world’s largest wood-based panel manufacturer, we produced this corporate video. In the course of twenty minutes we showed the group’s history, production facilities in Poland, products and employees. The bird’s-eye view photos were a great supplementation of the video. Not only did we shoot from the air to present the entire factory infrastructure but we also flew inside the production and exhibition halls. Thanks to the above, we showed production from a completely new perspective. While using all available contemporary filming techniques and working with talented people, KamKam Visuals completes professional and innovative projects.