Last summer we spent 10 days filming in the Tuchola National Forest Park in Poland. This project was a challenge but we really love how everything turned out.
We filmed in five counties: Cekcyn, Gostycyn, Lubiewo, Śliwice and Świekatowo. We produced 20 short videos and this one is the main promo video. Amazing nature, beautiful animals (we even saw a white deer!), the best places and different forms of activities. We had an amazing crew! Our actresses were awesome and we’re pleased to say that on the whole the project was a success. If you fancy a holiday in Poland you definitely should visit this part of Poland. Our video was featured on  SKIFT as a video of the week! Skift is a company based in NYC that offers news, data and services to help people make smart decisions about travel, so there is definitely something special about it! Enjoy watching!

Counties Cekcyn i Gostycyn

Counties Lubiewo, Śliwice i Świekatowo