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Bory Tucholskie Promo Video

Last summer we spent 10 days filming in the Tuchola National Forest Park in Poland. This project was a challenge but we really love how everything turned out. We filmed in five counties: Cekcyn, Gostycyn, Lubiewo, Śliwice and Świekatowo. We produced 20 short videos and this one is the main promo video. Amazing nature, beautiful…

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Power of animation for commercial industry

Almost since its birth in the 19th Century, animation has been used in commercials. It’s hard to separate filmmakers from animators, in the past – everything was very experimental and right up to today these two art forms are very close together. Creative pioneers such as Georges Melies (A Trip to the Moon, 1902), J.Stuart…

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KamKam Visuals Showreel 2013

It’s a good day today to look back at some of our favorite project of 2013. It’s been a busy year! We produced around 40 videos and we won a wide variety of clients. Many of our films became very popular (Lazy Holidays got the highest rankings of all our videos :)). We travelled a lot!…

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