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The new opening theme of Polish evening news TV program ‘Wiadomości’ is openly discussed in the Internet in the New Year

Polish National TV TVP1 vs British TV Channel ITV. Inspiration or downright plagiarism? Scandal, disgrace, plagiarism – these insults are aimed at the ‘revolutionized’ opening theme of ‘Wiadomości’ by TVP1. TVP1 also revolutionizes the meaning of the word ‘inspiration’. Or maybe this is some kind of a revolution? Revelation for sure. ‘But what are you…

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Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014 – the largest in the UK and one of the world’s most important, the international documentary and digital media festival in Sheffield is wild and energetic. QUO VADIS documentary industry?

Since its first edition in 1994, this relatively small event has grown into a six-day festival, often frantic, but still well-organized with over 3,500 Industry Delegates from 60 countries, 300 Decision Makers, 130 films and 21 world premieres. Between 7th and 12th of June 2014 Sheffield was painted pink and yellow with the branding of…

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Super Bowl 2014: Most Memorable Ads

For some people the commercials are as important as the game itself. Super Bowl has more than 100 million viewers each year. There are people glued to their screens and therefore potential customers too. The average cost of a single transmission of a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl XLVIII was $4 millions, and…

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