Recently we’ve been shooting a lot of corporate videos. We’re working on new ones – you’ll see the results soon. In the meantime, let’s stay in the world of music for another minute or two. After shooting with Jo Lopez, who was talking about Bruce Springsteen’s photos, I had more work as the DOP ahead of me at another John Peel Record Box. Among my duties are also editing and color grading, so I have a lot on my plate with these productions.

Yesterday at Peel Acres, we entertained Don Letts – the curator of the third Record Box.

don letts
don letts
Letts grew up in London in an immigrant family from Jamaica. Thus, typical reggae sounds have been present in his life since forever. As a young man, he was a DJ in London’s first punk club – The Roxy. He was mixing punk cuts with reggae. He’s considered to be the person who’s made it possible for these two cultures to mingle. He was the person to introduce Bob Marley to punk and inspire him to record Punky Reggae Party. Today, Letts’ main occupation is filmmaking. He has shot, among others, a documentary on the punk rock movement in the UK – The Punk Rock Movie. He often appears at reggae festivals – in 2010, he visited Poland for Ostróda Reggae Festival.

don letts don letts
Third episode of the box of records promises to be really good. Don opened up for plenty of interesting and naughty stories! You’ll see for yourself in early April.