Third episode of the series commissioned by The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts features Don Letts – a legendary DJ and director. I’ve covered him earlier here: Filming with the legendary British DJ and punky reggae filmmaker Don Letts.

The Box 3 - Don

Today, I want to make it quick. Just watch the video I’ve worked on as the DOP, editor and colorist. Let me just add, that if more episodes will be developed, I’ll not be involved in the process of making them.

I have under my belt three episodes which together constitute a decent full-length documentary.

While shooting, I was focused on finding the best frame, and not on music – in other words, I couldn’t let John Peel’s collection knock me off my feet :) Anyway, just being in the presence of such a mighty record collection, as well as the likes of Joe Boyd, Mala and Letts, has allowed me to hear stories I would never have heard otherwise. Don Letts takes us back to 70s London and the Roxy club, where he used to be a regular. It was a hotbed for punks making ‘egzotic’ friendships with frequenters of sound system gigs. Letts mixed punk records with reggae, and he’s considered to be the inspiration for Bob Marley’s Punky Reggae Party.

Press play and listen how a relationship has been forged in a cloud of marijuana smoke, between rebels from two different worlds – literally and musically.