It’s been another busy month for us here at KamKam.

We don’t have any days of rest lately… which is good of course! We’ve been out on a few shoots, and have been travelling around England a lot. We’ve also been filming an amazing exibition in the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich called Masterpieces: Art and East Anglia. Kamil worked closely with Clive Dunn who is an award-winning producer and director based in Norfolk. Last week we visited his photography exhibition The edge of England in the Mandell’s Gallery, which was held on Norwich’s historic Elm Hill, and we found it just great. Clive admits that he is fascinated by forgotten, mysterious parts of England. Check out the gallery below for stills from his exhibition:

Clive Dunn "The Edge of England"

As we mentioned above, we filmed in the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts where we could see over 270 artworks including famous paintings (John Constable, John Sell Cotman, Stanley Spencer), furniture, sculpture, design, jewellery, textiles and other stunning artefacts – from prehistoric times to the present day.  Some of these treasures were lent by over 60 collections (including the Royal Collection Trust, the Royal Family’s own private collection):

Masterpieces Art and East Anglia

We still haven’t written about our adventure to Marrakech (some of you may have find out that we were in Morocco from our fanpage on Facebook or from our Instagram profile. So… just before Christmas we went there to shoot a music video for ZAiiO who is a Morocco born an London based rapper! It was really wicked, it was pretty intense but in the end we had a great time out there. The whole story deserves a separate dedicated post – so stay tuned – soon we’ll write more about it. Just wanted to let you know, that the video is now in the post-production phase – so we’re grading, adding some effects to the video, .etc. We just got some feedback from Universal Music and it’s all getting very exciting! More to come in the following weeks, but here are just few cool photographs from Marrakech and we want only add that we’ve got hundreds of pics we want to share with you!


How did we meet ZAiiO? This is another great story! In December 2013 we were in London with Eye to shoot a short film for Off Beat, who deal in rock photography. We were filming at the Off Beat launch of a new Denis O’Regan photobook “Careless Memories”. Shame on you if you don’t know who he is!  Denis, also known as “Doris” by Freddie Mercury, “Reg” by Duran Duran, “Yob” by Keith Richards, is a leading rock photographer and formerly David Bowie’s official photographer – you can read all about it on his website :) Denis put together a collection of unseen pics, taken on tour in 1984 with Duran Duran. So we went to London, interviewed Denis and stayed to party!

Denis O'Regan Careless Memories

We produced a video for the event which highlighted the best moments. Kamil was working hard, Martyna took a lot of photos and even managed to get a photograph of herself with Simon LeBon and Denis. We must say, especially after few glasses of champagne, we felt the spirit of the 80s taking over us! ;) And there we met Abel Damoussi a producer from Marrakech and ZAiiO. Abel spotted Kamil while he was filming and told me that he had to take us with him back to Morocco, and make a music video for ZAiiO! There is nothing you can’t do!