Almost since its birth in the 19th Century, animation has been used in commercials.

It’s hard to separate filmmakers from animators, in the past – everything was very experimental and right up to today these two art forms are very close together. Creative pioneers such as Georges Melies (A Trip to the Moon, 1902), J.Stuart Blackton (Humorous phases of funny faces, 1906), Emile Cohl (Fanstasmagorie, 1908) developed both film and animation. In 1899 a British artist named Arthur Melbourne Cooper made the first known animation for advertising purposes. He created a figure made from matchsticks writing an appeal for a donation on a wall, all using stop-motion technology:

Since then things moved forward very fast. We must mention talented creators such as Winsor McCay, who brought a walking and dancing dinosaur to life – the first distinguishable character – not just doodles (1914). After Winsor came Walt Disney, Max Fleicher, Warner Bros and others who revolutionised the industry with awesome cartoons and characters such as Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, Popeye, Bugs Bunny. From stop-motion animation to celluloid transparent film, studios today are producing entire films on computer.

Animation was always an important player in the commercial industry.
Today new life has been given to animated adverts. The Internet has allowed everyone to participate – big companies with huge budgets and smaller ones who are looking for tools which will help them to advertise their products or communicate important information in a simple and engaging way.

Why is it sometimes better to use animation instead of video? It can happen that video is not enough; animation is flexible and allows more freedom. The impossible becomes possible – you don’t need to hire famous actors, don’t need to search for a perfect shooting location. You can create things a camera can’t capture.

Have you seen Dumb Ways To Die created by the Australian Metro? It’s still a viral sensation with over 76 million views as we post! It also won 5 Grand Prix, 18 Gold Lions, 3 Silver Lions, 2 Bronze Lions during the Cannes Lions Creativity Festival 2013 which made it the all-time most awarded campaign. It’s not hard to see why it became so famous. The animation itself is brilliant: unlucky, but at the same time, happy creatures are catchy, the story is cruel, but also positive somehow:

Check out our productions for the Adnams Brewery in Southwold: Party Planning and Top Ten Gifts and this one made for the City of Poznan: alle Rogal campaign which represented Poznan on the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity!

Take a look at our latest animation created for minicabit – the UK cab network:

Read what Amer Hasan, CEO of minicabit said about working with us:

[quote text_size=”medium” author=”Amer Hasan, CEO of minicabit”]

Our animation looks fantastic, looks & sounds great, and in such a short space of time! We aim to maximise exposure of your great work!


Did we convince you that animation can be a great marketing tool?