Mala explores John Peel’s record collection and picks out tunes that were influential to UK sound system culture.

I present to you the second episode from a series of documentaries devoted to the amazing vinyl collection assembled by John Peel – the legendary DJ, who was exposing the British public to music considered to be alternative in his days. Thanks to him artists like The Specials, Pink Floyd and David Bowie broke into mainstream.

Peel was one of the first DJs, who gave air time to music created by the main character of our next episode. He had a fair share in making the music genre born in Croydon, South London, spread around the globe.

And this is what Mala (Digital Mystikz) is, among other things, talking about. A dubstep pioneer and the second artist invited to spend a day among 115.000 vinyls, and create his own virtual record box out of them.

It wasn’t easy but he made it!

He selected records that put the British sound system culture on full display – from jungle and drum ‘n’ bass to dubstep. On John Peel Archive website you can not only watch the video but also read a lot of information on the records he selected.

All the vinyl records that had been collected during the span of 40 years can be found at John Peel’s house in the UK. The John Peel Archive and the Space organization have decided to make this legacy available not only to fans of music but most of all to all the Internet kids. The work on an website with interactive vinyl crates has been started (Klik). I’m a member of a bigger team but I feel satisfaction working as a DOP and managing the entire post-production – editing and color grading. I know how much this project means for John’s fans and it’s important to me to give this whole series a unique vibe. I can’t wait for the next episode, how about you?