Polish National TV TVP1 vs British TV Channel ITV. Inspiration or downright plagiarism?

Scandal, disgrace, plagiarism – these insults are aimed at the ‘revolutionized’ opening theme of ‘Wiadomości’ by TVP1. TVP1 also revolutionizes the meaning of the word ‘inspiration’. Or maybe this is some kind of a revolution? Revelation for sure.

‘But what are you talking about?’ – we ask uncertainly while getting over the New Year’s Eve (this time without TVP1).

We are not haters  and we pay no attention to the INTERNET ‘SCANDALS’  including the one with a very irritating advertising made by Media Expert (you can watch it here), which has ruined Christmas for many Polish people. Being indifferent doesn’t allow us to write about these kind of scandals. At least not at the very beginning of the New Year. So what?

On 1 January TVP1 was to

[quote text_size=”small” author=”TVP Information Centre” link=”http://centruminformacji.tvp.pl/18245896/wiadomosci-tvp1-rewolucjonizuja-czolowke” author_title=”(unofficial translation)”]

begin a new era in the history of polish TV news (…). With the start of the New Year ‘Wiadomości’ will stand out with the one of the most modern opening theme and thereby will set new standards to follow for other Polish Television news programs, and with time, probably for other Polish TV stations.


It is commonly known that only a drunk and a child will give it to you straight and the Internet does the same.

We have seen that comparisons between this opening theme and the one made by news service ITV called ‘News At Ten’ emerged quickly. However, the last one comes – read carefully – from the year 2007 and 2008!

It appears that the opening theme which was to embarrass the whole world with its innovation was already present at ITV 7 and it was years ago. But it was a bit nicer because there was London, and the render was somewhat better and also the camera movement was more steady and it didn’t move like crazy so you can’t see anything but the Stadium, Cracow and the Palace of Culture and Science. So, let’s see:

1.ITV 'News at Ten' Opening titles (2008-2009)

2. TVP1 'Wiadomości' Opening titles (2015)

And? Did you get shocked? No, let’s not hate it, let’s wait till TVP1 takes a stance on it. Maybe it has been made by the same agency, maybe they simply didn’t know, maybe we’ve been deceived once again? Finally, we can hear in the media a statement made by the spokesman for the polish public broadcasting corporation. In general, the problem doesn’t exist.

[quote text_size=”small” author=”Jacek Rakowiecki” link=”http://natemat.pl/128921,nowa-czolowka-wiadomosci-to-plagiat-w-takich-produkcjach-liczba-pomyslow-jest-ograniczona-zapozyczenia-to-norma” author_title=”from a web portal NaTemat (unofficial translation)”]

Of course we knew the opening theme made by ITN (Independent Television Network) as well as many others. You find inspiration by observing the world – this is the right way. And only a layman doesn’t understand that every time a camera flies over a big city by a river it looks the same. We can do nothing about it.


Further, he notices that car producers add wheels to all of the cars and this is not plagiarism O_O. Borrowings are normal thing today and the sufficient evidence that the theme is original was to exchange London for Warsaw.

We can say that the ideas of many different programs can be similar.

On the list below, ‘we will see Polish TV Stations Polsat or TVN’:

But when it comes to TVP1, it seems that it is Beata Tadla (the presenter of the news) who has changed most after the latest edition of ‘Wiadomości’ rather than the ITV opening theme after 7 years. Do Polish people want to be so global (English?) that they can’t invent something of their own?

Proving plagiarism isn’t always easy.

Even if ‘Wiadomości’ opening title is very similar to ‘News at Ten’, but isn’t an exact copy, it’s not a plagiarism. TVP1 didn’t use any footages from ITV opening theme. They made everything from scratch, for Polish viewer. Unfortunately, it is not possible under current law to copyright or protect an idea. An inspiration is an inspiration but in this case, the line seems to be crossed. Maybe it’s OK from a legal point of view but what about ethic standards?  Sorry, I forgot that everything was about setting new standards. It’s a pity that TVP1 didn’t have an ambition to produce something really innovative and original.

A question arises: what is a ‘long-term, hard work of talented people’ and what is creativity? What does it mean in Poland?

We wonder how the production process looked like. Is it possible that the board met the creative team and said ‘we want the opening titles from ITV but with Warsaw not London’? And the art director said ‘ok, no problem’? We feel very sorry for creative people who have to (or maybe want to?) not only follow the models created a few years ago but almost copy them. We lack of Don Draper (Mad Men) who would yell ‘get out of my office’ ;)

We would like to wish all of you a good, creative, inspiring and original New Year!