One-day trip: Blickling Estate, Aylsham
There’s a lot to see in Norfolk! Those who live in the area can always go on short one-day trips, but we’d advise others to stay longer. When we have a free moment, which is unfortunately rare, we get in the car and speed up the Norwich Road to the seaside. Once we tried to visit Cromer, but stopped in Blickling Estate and spent there whole day.

Blickling Hall, built around 1630, is a top tourist attraction of Norfolk. 5000-acre estate accommodates an impressive Jacobean manor, as well as a vast garden and parkland.

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The manor hasn’t changed over the centuries. The romantic interiors still hide many treasures.  The most valuable one is the library, which includes a countrywide famous collection of historical manuscripts and books.

Blickling Estate1638

You can start sightseeing from servants’ chambers and then go on to visit rooms equipped with antique furniture, sculptures and other valuables. King Henry VIII and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, look at you from the portraits. The manor is haunted by the beheaded queen, the second wife of King Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn (Blickling Hall is believed to have belonged to the Boleyn family and to be the birthplace of Anne).

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Interestingly enough, there are striking similarities between the families who lived in Blickling and characters from Jane Austen’s novels.

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Nowadays The National Trust looks after the estate. Here you’ll find information about the opening times and other attractions connected with the manor: Blickling Estate – Visitor Information.

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