Color Grading

The first thing is to record some awesome footage – the right exposure of the frame as well as lighting of the set are of key importance here. After recording a high quality video material, we start its editing. Color grading is the last and highly important production stage.

We are able to easily evaluate which video or movie was shot and produced by professionals and spot the ones made by people who only pretend to be one of them. Blown out highlights or excessively dark images, significant colour changes and shaky picture – none of these problems occur with us. Each of our clips is edited carefully.

KamKam Visuals offers professional color grading.

Color Grading Before and After video for Alderney Channel Island Promo

We completed a promo video for Alderney, one of the Channel Islands. The clip below contains pictures before and after color grading. See for yourself how important video color editing is.