alleRogal Campaign

Our animation presents the making and effects of the advertising campaign alleRogal. We produced it for the city of Poznan for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

POZNAN’S ROGAL GOES NATIONAL!Those of you who like St. Martin’s Croissants should watch this video immediately, and those who don’t know what we’re talking about – should definitely watch it! Nov. 11 is Independence Day in Poland, but it is also St. Martin’s Day in Poznań, Poland. We celebrate the name day of Saint Martin Street and everyone will eat “rogale świętomarcińskie” (Saint Martin Croissants). There are made using a secret recipe and each patisserie has their own. Bakeries must have a special certificates which allow them to produce and sell an original “rogal”. The Saint Martin Croissant is very sweet and contain a lot of calories (1 can have even 1000 calories) but who cares?! They are delicious! And Poznan people can’t imagine celebrating the 11th of November without them! If you want to know more about this regional delicacy watch our video . Bon appeti