Hand & Soul – Trailer – Morocco

Here is the announcement of a film we made for Hand & Soul in Morocco just before Christmas. This is one of the most unique projects we have been working on since 2016. We start with Morocco, but that’s not the end. In the coming months we’ll visit more countries – in Europe and in more exotic locations. Wherever we go, we’ll film to allow you to have a peek at the work of craftsmen from all over the world. Visuals that will tell you about the origins and manufacturing of specific local products. Imagine that you can immerse yourself to the hilt in the culture, the flavours and scents of a country. This is precisely what Hand & Soul is about. It is a travel experience enclosed in a box full of traditional spices, oils, teas, coffees, jams and other high-end products. Hand & Soul products are not made in factories but are authentic, delicate goods directly from artisans around the world. Created in accordance with the knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Simply speaking: a perfect gift and an unforgettable experience. Soon more videos – stay tuned and taste the world with Hand & Soul!