John Peel’s Record Collection – Joe Boyd’s Record Box

One of the most interesting film projects KamKam has been a part of (camera, editing, colour grading) in recent months.

The piece concerns an important person in the British music scene – John Peel – a DJ, producer, journalist, who’s discovered/promoted many bands known today (Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Pulp, the Cure, Joy Division or Soft Machine). In those days only a few DJs had the freedom to play their own records. He was the first to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock on the radio. Within the framework of John Peel’s Record Boxes, a number of short documentaries is being shot. All record boxes are produced in cooperation with The Space, John Peel Archive in the UK. In every chapter appears an important persona from the music world, who like a child in a candy store, rummages through shelves with hundreds and thousands of records in John’s place. Joe Boyd, appeared in the first episode. Again, it suffices to say “a legend” – producer and founder of the UFO club in the 1960s; discoverer of Pink Floyd and producer of many seminal records.