Mark Foley

For Mark Foley from the UK we produced an unconventional video. He played himself in the teaser for new drama series. Who is Mark Foley and what does he do? We don’t want to tell you everything – just take a look, and you’ll see how surprising video can be. We are curious how many of you will guess what Mark’s profession is whilst watching this video. We’re happy that we had a chance to create an unusual and original ad.

How do you make a marketing movie for a lawyer? We sit at desks and write letters and make phone calls. It all looks very boring! Martyna of KamKam developed a story for me to show how I work, which makes me unique. Kamil of KamKam shot the film, and made the story come to life. I am noticing an increase in good enquiries already and I haven’t really begun to exploit it yet. Let them think about showing you at you best, as they did for me.

Mark Foley, Solicitor, Linked Law