KamKam Visuals develop videos utilizing the stylish timelapse technique. It can be effectively used for advertising spots, as well as presentational and corporate videos.

Timelapse shots will surely draw the viewer’s attention, granted that they’re thoroughly executed. A timelapse will make your company stand out among others.

The magic behind timelapse is based on highlighting the processes that we don’t usually register because they happen too slow, for instance, the change of seasons, vegetation growth, expanding construction sites.

KamKam Visuals have at their disposal the professional Multi-Axis Motion Control System equipment, thanks to which we’re able to shoot moving timelapses, making videos even more dynamic.

  • Traffic at a huge factory, employing thousands of people?
  • The progress of construction sites?
  • The number of cars driving through a particular stretch of a highway daily?
  • The number of clients visiting a shopping mall from dawn to dusk?

How do you present this?
Precisely – a timelapse video is an excellent solution that we encourage everyone to try.

Take a look at our latest film, completed in its entirety using the timelapse cinematography technique, featuring the city of Marrakech and Morocco. Read more about this project and its success at international film festivals, here: LINK.