Hell yeah! It’s hard to believe, but finally, we’re able to show to the world another one of our productions for the Kronospan company – a global leader in the wood and furniture industry!

This isn’t just a regular video documenting the event (25 years of the company’s presence in Poland) because it’s nearly 20-minute long :D Be easy!

We’ve avoided lengthy chunks thanks to speeches by Bilguun Ariunbaatar and Filip Chajzer, and Ewa Farna’s performance put the icing on the cake.

The two-day celebration took place on the last weekend of September, in Szczecinek where their first and largest production facility is located.

More than 500 guests – furniture industry tycoons, presentations, factory tours, screenings of our corporate video 25 Years of Kronospan in Poland (watch it here:LINK), handing in awards, fireworks at the lake – you name it!

Our team was up to the challenge – nothing escaped our lenses! This time we were also taking aerial shots, which to our satisfaction, becomes a standard when it comes to corporate videos and event reports.

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