About Us

The Travelling Video Makers


Kamil and Martyna = K & M = KamKam Visuals.

We are creative Poles, currently living in the UK, but traveling a lot because that’s the nature of our work. We are two people with big dreams, a blog and the desire to create amazing videos. Kamil was born with camera in his hand, Martyna had less luck, but was fortunate enough to meet Kamil!
 But seriously she is also very talented and mostly because of her determination, we’re doing what we do! She studied in Poznan (Poland) and graduated from two different courses at the Academy of Fine Arts (the University of Arts) – Art Criticism and Curating and Animated Film. Kamil gained his diploma in Multimedia at the University of Technology in Poznan (Poland). 
We are a couple, we live and work together, but we actually didn’t meet during the famous “student Thursdays” in the SQ club in Poznan! This happened a bit later, at work, in Poznan’s local TV station. In a room without windows Martyna created animations and graphics for TV programs and Kamil pressed the  buttons of the video mixer and worked as an editor as well. We quite liked our work and not just because we could hang out there together. Everything started later, and how exactly is our own business  :)
After a quite long adventure with the TV station, Martyna was awarded a scholarship for international artists and spent a year in Germany. Whilst there she studied Interaction Design, often feeling like she was in the laboratory with the young scientists club! But it was great learning experience and she even developed an application with her team that allows you to keep in permanent touch with your hamster! We both had to take a break from processing, programming, electrodes and cathodes, visualization, simply we needed a holiday.


We found ourselves in Ohrid, Macedonia.

There under the great sun and close to the cleanest lake we have ever seen, we shot a video, which turned out to be quite popular… click to read more about Lazy Holidays! Everything that happened later, motivated us to start our own brand. In autumn 2012 we set up KamKam Visuals – a company which makes creative videos. Our studies, previous work experience, ability and determination helped to get us were we are today…and the adventure continues! There is only one goal for us – to be the best! It doesn’t matter whether we’re producing advertising, a documentary, a music video, an animation or an online video. Whether we are working in the studio, in the office or in the Amazon Rainforest – each project requires 100% commitment. Probably because of that, KamKam Visuals produced around 40 videos in our first year, won a wide variety of clients and established permanent cooperation with an experienced partner in the UK. We are simply crazy about video :)


We had a quite nice portfolio when, in the summer of 2013, we went to England.

Martyna set up a contact with Eye Film and Television company in Norwich, who has over 40-years experience and has produced content for the BBC, ITV Channel 4, Channel 5 and Animal Planet. It’s is a pretty cool experience! Our goal is to make a documentary which will hit the world’s best festivals. Only… there is no time to do it! Our life is busy and we’re traveling a lot because that’s the nature of our work. We’re people who are always happy to work internationally! In our spare time we’re partying in London with Duran Duran, watching the best series, playing playstation and beating records in Angry Birds!


Here on this blog you can read about our productions and travels (including motorcycle travels!).

We will be blogging about all kinds of things: what have been to see at the cinema, pictures of fish and chips, a hotel recommendation (Kasbah Agafay Suites & SPA in Morocco for example!), reviews of the latest episode of “The Bold and The Beautiful” and we’ll even let you know if there is a sale next Friday at Apple. But seriously, we hope that what we’ll get noticed, inspire someone, because we have great plans. We also would like to meet people around the world who are passionate about video and travels and have interesting stories which need be filmed. So if you know someone extraordinary, you have an idea or story – feel free to contact us. Support us on our profiles on Facebook, Twitter i Instagram, if you like what we do!


We are open to interesting and unconventional forms of cooperation.

We love to travel, meet people and make creative movies on a professional level. Our projects have been viewed, commented and made their way onto many fan pages! We take photos, write blogs, create advertising, promotional films, animations, explainer videos, online videos, documentaries, corporate videos, reports from events and lot’s more. W worked with both: individual clients and international companies. We have a lot to offer and a lot is happening around us, that’s way we began our adventure with this blog – we want to share all this stuff. We are convinced that this is something different and valuable, our own.

Enjoy kamkam-ing !