An expedition to Asia in a Little Fiat is getting closer and closer!

And it wasn’t long ago that we told you about ‘the Africa OnTheWay (PoDrodze Afryka) – project – a documentary series and a film we are doing post-production of for Arkady Paweł Fiedler. If you missed this story, click here: LINK.

But just to recap and remind you here: Arkady Paweł Fiedler (a grandson of the famous Arkady Fiedler) is planning to go round the world in a Little Fiat – yes, the Polish Fiat 126p, know affectionately as Maluch (“the little one”). Poland OnTheWay (PoDrodze Polska) happened in 2009. 2014 brought us Africa OnTheWay (PoDrodze Afryka), and in 2016 we will be OnTheWay in Asia (PoDrodze Azja). It is not only a travel project but most of all a film one, and we are very lucky to be a part of it!

The first meeting of the Asia team took place on the 13th March.

Arkady will be behind the wheel. The rest of the crew – Kamil, Kuba and Czosnek (‘Garlic’ ;)) will travel using another vehicle ;) Kuba will be responsible for logistics and mechanical support. Czosnek will hold the camera on board and provide cinematography help, while Kamil – as we all know — will be the director of photography :)

We are getting ready for hours of epic footage, incredible timelapses and amazing shots from the drone!

po_Drodze_Azja_ArkadyFiedler4 po_Drodze_Azja_ArkadyFiedler8

The route is still being planned – as for know we know that the Asia OnTheWay expedition will take about three and half months and will end in Vladivostok after covering about 20,000 km (more than 12,000 miles) :D

Do you have any tips, suggestions, ideas? What should be avoided, what is a must-see? The best spots for Maluch’s selfies? The most awesome locations to be included in the film? We are really counting on your advice! As for today, the route looks roughly like this:


On the 4th of June the brave Little Fiat 126p will start its life’s greatest adventure from the Arkady Fiedler Museum in Puszczykowo!

Will you come to high-five the guys?

You can also follow the progress of the expedition on the PoDrodze fanpage and on our page at KamKamVisuals!