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The new opening theme of Polish evening news TV program ‘Wiadomości’ is openly discussed in the Internet in the New Year

Polish National TV TVP1 vs British TV Channel ITV. Inspiration or downright plagiarism? Scandal, disgrace, plagiarism – these insults are aimed at the ‘revolutionized’ opening theme of ‘Wiadomości’ by TVP1. TVP1 also revolutionizes the meaning of the word ‘inspiration’. Or maybe this is some kind of a revolution? Revelation for sure. ‘But what are you…

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Bory Tucholskie Promo Video

Last summer we spent 10 days filming in the Tuchola National Forest Park in Poland. This project was a challenge but we really love how everything turned out. We filmed in five counties: Cekcyn, Gostycyn, Lubiewo, Śliwice and Świekatowo. We produced 20 short videos and this one is the main promo video. Amazing nature, beautiful…

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