The Third Eye – A Blinding Moroccan Experience

We fell in love with the timelapse technique a long time ago.

The truth is, though, that we’ve set our standards too high to try it while having only a camera and a support stand. We started to mess around with moving timelapses about a year ago. From the get-go, we’ve been using the DitoGear equipment, which makes it possible to shoot moving frames using the timelapse technique.

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You need time for timelapses. A looot of it, and this has always been a problem for us.

Finally, Kamil has found it – during our honeymoon in the Caribbean :) Unfortunately, we ran out of it after that trip :) And so, there are about 30 timelapses shot on the Cpt. Jack Sparrow’s island, waiting for their grand premiere.


We didn’t want to do something that’s been already done – a New York City timelapse, a Himalayan timelapse. It seems like we’re running short on places.

And even though you won’t have the same arrangement of clouds twice, it’s better to look for a pristine spot and blaze a new trail, instead of being a follower :)

There’s something about it – people dealing with timelapses are looking for exceptional places, worthy of being immortalized. And why is that? Well, probably because in order to shoot a brilliant, awe-inspiring timelapse, you’ll have to spend some time there…

Chigaga Sahara Desert timelapse12 Morocco timelapse, podróże Maroko, Maroko film, timelapse video marrakech

After the Caribbean test drive, the time has come for Alderney – one of the Channel Islands.

Alderney wanted to develop a tourist video promoting the island. It didn’t take us long to convince them that our timelapse shots will be the icing on the cake of this video – Alderney – So Close So Different.

Those of you, who follow us on Facebook, blog, Instagram or Twitter, know that at the break of May and June, we spent 3 weeks in Morocco.

We’ve flown to Marrakech without extra clothing, but with lots of equipment – cameras, lenses, DJI Ronin stabilizer, DitoGear

– all this with the intention to develop a video. You can read more about our trip here: LINK and here: LINK. Thanks to the amazing people, we were able to work freely, having all the necessary paperwork arranged for. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be able to pull the camera out. More about this later on.

Morocco timelapse, podróże Maroko, Maroko film, timelapse video marrakechMorocco timelapse, podróże Maroko, Maroko film, timelapse video marrakech Morocco timelapse, podróże Maroko, Maroko film, timelapse video marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco – a thing of beauty! Extremely lively places, rich culture, the energy of people, historical sights and a diversity of landscapes. Here’s where the Game of Thrones crew was roaming, James Bond was seducing ladies, and Hollywood stars come to blow some money. We’ve been lucky enough to deal with authentic places, not yet invaded by the tourism industry. After we came back, it turned out we have enough material for two videos and this is what we’re going to serve you. Currently, we’re finishing the first one, that will show Morocco in the timelapse technique. The other one will utilize timelapse shots as links in a tale of Morocco.

Not wanting to reveal any more details, we’re showing you the teaser for

The Third Eye – A Blinding Moroccan Experience

, shot entirely in the timelapse technique. If you like what we’re doing, share the teaser and stay tuned for the full video premiere coming soon.