About our obsession with travel, video and time lapse

You already know we are obsessed with video production, especially with travel videos. If we could we’d like to travel all the time – just finding the most beautiful places around the world and showing them to the people. Check out our Lazy Holidays which went viral in Macedonia and Bory Tucholskie Promo which was featured on SKIFT (a company based in NYC that offers news, data and services to help people make smart decisions about travel) as a video of the week! Travel video production inspires us so much; we find it powerful for many reasons.

Great travel video doesn’t mean only the beautiful pictures; it also tells a story, conveys a mood and describes memories which words can’t say and photos can’t show.

There is a way to make a video more attractive.

Why does everyone love a good time-lapse video?

Time laps techniques have become quite popular in video production. Construction companies, architectural firms, landscaping projects, event organizers, documentalists, large corporations but most of all the tourism industry, appreciate time-lapse as a powerful marketing tool which can help to promote business and impress clients. What’s this about? Time-lapse is basically a couple hundred still images turned into one video. So, it allow us to see long processes in just minutes. Camera can be mounted on a tripod or you can use a special video and motion control equipment to make more advanced shoots.

Hunstanton Beach time-lapse video

In March we went to Hunstanton (Norfolk, UK) – the best coast town for video equipment test and practicing the time-lapse technique. Why is it so good?

  • Firstly: the stunning landscape: the stratified red chalk limestone and white chalk cliffs on the beach at Old Sunny Hunny look amazing,


  • Secondly: many wind and kitesurfers make the seascape even more attractive. We don’t have any pictures, but you can spot some of them on our video :)


  • Thirdly… and it’s the most important thing – Hunstanton is one of the few places on the east coast of England where the sun sets over the sea.

Check out some of our photos we took there and watch our time-lapse video which is only a warm up before a much bigger project coming up soon. We simply can’t wait for the next time lapse session! PS. we hope next time it will be much warmer and not so windy :)


Martyna Wroblewska